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Our Results:

Built on 45,000hrs of cellular-regeneration research with thousands of cancelled surgeries. Our outcomes prove that complex injury, chronic pain and diseased joints can be safely and permanently corrected without invasive measures.

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Our mission:

Equipping and educating healthcare leaders to ultimately eradicate the problem of chronic pain, unwarranted surgery, somatic disease, aging syndromes and neurological conditions. 


Our Model:

Chronic pain costs the US $600Billion per year with one million+ joints replaced annually. With 3decades of research, we offer a new, science based model for rapid injury repair and tissue regeneration as the safest, most effective and sustainable means to restore optimum health and human performance.


T O  H E A L  o r  N O T  T O  H E A L ?

As a corrective, high-performance-wellness company, that specializes in aging research, we created new healthcare models for functional health, corrective fitness, tissue regeneration and high-performance conditioning for the elite athlete.  We built all our work and research on one simple question, "To heal or not to heal? Being able to answer this complex question for every athletic injury and ultimately, the most complex disease conditions, gave us a unique perspective to finally offer solutions where they were needed most.

We began our journey over 30years ago and have helped thousands of elite athletes and pain sufferers from all over the country (and as far as Egypt) to avoid major surgeries and conquer misunderstood aging deficits that drive chronic pain, neurological conditions and somatic disease.  We have new insights on the epic problem that athletes face with concussions, how to rapidly and safely recover from complex injuries (that typically defaults to surgery) and, most importantly, how to condition athletes and non-athletes without ever breaking down their fragile healing mechanisms. We created our healing model after decades of research in the neurovascular sciences.  We tested our model alongside emerging stem cell research. Through that process, we proved that the body's capacity to naturally heal the most problematic disease conditions was real.  More, that healing is not just art but a viable science that can change the lives of millions of pain sufferers who endlessly manage dysfunction with no end in sight.

Our research birthed the science of Cellular Regeneration Therapy (CRT) as a the first therapeutic solution for the challenging issues impacting healthcare. CRT integrates all the existing healthcare branches by providing real answers to the most relevant and puzzling questions about pain, tissue regeneration, human performance and aging. We work with stem cell physicians to improve cord-blood stem cell therapies as a more predictable and affordable process for the most complex disease challenges. Our healing outcomes often surprise people because they simply misunderstood how powerful their self-regenerating mechanisms truly are, when given the proper therapeutic steps. We understand that people have many valid questions and we welcome them and create opportunities to simplify the learning curve to answer their most important question-- To heal or not to heal?

"Within every person are trillions of cells that collectively work to regenerate damaged and diseased tissues BUT, if the right cells can't get where they need to go, all the healing processes are halted.  Correct this problem and you'll experience rapid tissue healing, restored health and performance power like you never imagined!"
Vic Rakhshani
"Every living human has an endless supply of stem cells circulating within-- you wouldn't be alive if stem cells weren't already producing the oxygen and plasma cells your body needs for its' basic functions.  In the case of chronic degenerative joints or, complex athletic injuries, a different issue creates new problems for the  bodies' biological pathways that causes a malfunction with the normal tissue healing processes!  Correct these issues and rapid tissue healing is unleashed every time. This is why Cellular Regeneration Therapy is the first, non-invasive, therapy application that reverses some of the greatest problems in healthcare! "
Vic Rakhshani, Ri Founder, CRT Creator

Microscopic view of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Our services

Rapid Healing  Optimum Performance

Athlete's Lab offers everything  an athlete needs for sustainable health, power, rapid healing and career longevity!

Athlete's Lab

 Pain Lab

Dealing with chronic pain?  Want to avoid major surgery? We offer a proven system for permanent solutions! 

Healthcare Professionals

Advance your career with the most comprehensive model for injury correction, anti-aging & 

tissue regeneration!


Rakhshani Institute LLC

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