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"Vic Rakhshani's approach to the developing the athlete is one of the best I've ever seen. His system allows you to recover fast, whether from hard physical work or injury. It's not just for the pro athlete but for all who believe in achieving maximum results."  
Scott Brooks, Head Coach, Washington Wizards
2010 NBA Coach of the Year
Disease Conditions
NFL Alumni Avoids Major
Arthritic Neck Surgery
Jason Peter.png

Jason Peter

Author, Anti-Drug Advocate

"Rakhshani's model for serious injury and arthritic pain is the best I've ever experienced. The degree of chronic pain in my neck, complicated by cluster migraines, were so extreme I had not slept a full night in 5years. The only way I could cope was through drugs and  my pain was so bad it grew into a major addiction. My NFL career was over and I had no solution for my pain till my doctor introduced me to Vic Rakhshani. Under his care I had my first night of pain free sleep the week I started his program.  No drugs. No shots. No gimmicks. Just expert care that somehow solves the mystery behind injury and pain and makes healing come simple  and fast!"

10 Years Chronic Neuropathy Completely Reversed In Weeks
Paul Cedar.jpeg

Paul Cedar

Mission America Coalition

"I suffered with terrible neuropathy pain for 10 years. I tried everything possible from PT, laser therapy, heavy meds, chiropractic & massage but not one of the these gave me an ounce of relief. I came to Rakhshani Institute and to my surprise, after my first treatment I had my first ever improvements. Only 8 more therapy treatments and I was finally pain free!" 

Reversing Disease to Avoid
His 2nd Joint Replacement
Henry Filany_edited.jpg

Henry Falany

Pastor, Author & Speaker

"On the eve prior to my first knee replacement, a friend told me about Rakhshani Institute. What I heard was too good to be true. I disregarded that call. After 6months of brutally painful therapy my doc wanted to replace my other knee. No way! I set a meeting with Vic Rakhshani and let me say this, after my first treatment my knee had 50% less pain! I was fit to be tied. Every surgeon I met was wrong. They all need to know that there is a natural cure for bone on bone! Only 12 therapy sessions and my knee felt better than the one I replaced!"

Severe Bone On Bone with Significant Instability Healed
Laverne Emerson.jpg

Laverne Emerson

Huntington Beach

"My son, an MD, argued why my bone on bone knee, with significant instability (more than 30 degree valgus), could never be fixed without major joint replacement. When I learned all that Rakhshani Institute offered and that they had the best outcomes for complex bone-on-bone problems, I knew it was my best option and I was right! After my 10th therapy session I had full range of motion with zero pain. The last step to restore my severe knee instability was a quick and simple stem cell treatment. Wow! My knee stability returned and by my 15th therapy session I was going up and down stairs  with confidence and complete freedom of pain!" 

Sue Enquest.png

"Vic Rakhshani's model of addressing athletic injury is second to none. It looks at injury beyond the elements of pain into areas traditional sport medicine models do not-- where the real of work of healing happens. I've never seen athletes rebound from serious injury so quickly. His outcomes are astounding and many athletes beyond UCLA are indebted to his great work."

Sue Enquest

Hall of Fame Coach, UCLA Softball, 11x National Champion

Athletic Injuries
Torn Pattelar Tendon
Heals in 1 Week
Jacob Hanson.png

Jacob Hanson

Goal Keeper, Cal Poly Pomona

"For more than 3 years I struggled with terrible knee pain from a partial tear in my pattelar tendon. The only relief came from heavy medication but the pain got so bad I couldn't perform any longer. Not wanting surgery, my coach sent me to Rakhshani Institute. Under their care, I experienced instant results and support information that was unlike any other. After only 3 sessions all my pain was completely gone and I was able to perform with power and ease. I was completely shocked by my results and can't say enough about how efficient and fast Ri's healing system works. It's the gold standard!"

PGA Athlete's Torn Labrum Completely Healed in 10 weeks
Golf Club and Ball

Brian Hull

PGA Athlete

"I tore my shoulder labrum and visited 3 of the best sports orthopedists in the country. My only option was major surgery with one year recovery and a 50% chance to ever play competitive golf again.  I had worked with Vic Rakhshani before and sought his care for a better solution.  I could not have been more pleased.  Under his unique healing model my shoulder was completely healed and stronger than it ever was before in only 10 weeks!  I can't imagine a better approach to true healing than Vic Rakhshani's!"

NFL Veteran Avoids
3 Major Surgeries
Brenden Stai_edited.jpg

Brendan Stai

NFL Alumni

"14 years in the NFL left my back, knee and elbow in  desperate need of surgery. As hard as I worked doing therapy and in the weight room the pain was still too much.  A teammate recommended I meet Vic Rakhshani. Hoping to avoid surgery, I went under his care and within a couple weeks I couldn't believe how much better I began to feel. I finished his 8 week program and felt 10years younger. I got what I hoped for and dodged three major surgeries. Vic's healing model is simply the best!" 

Fractured Bone Completely
Healed in 3weeks
jon Rankin.png

Jon Rankin

Olympic Athlete

"After fracturing my 3rd metatarsal there was concern that I might not ever run again. A jagged bone break that was significantly displaced meant surgery.  This would also mean 4-6months of recovery time. After my initial visit with Vic Rakhshani, I had the first night of sleep without any pain. More, I had 3 treatments per week and by the 3rd week I was running, jumping and training at full performance. My doctor was speechless when he saw my followup X-ray (only 3 weeks after working with Vic) as my bone had completely and perfectly refused just like Rakhshani predicted!"

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