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The Rakhshani Method

Science | Innovation | Healing

We developed a new model of therapy backed by emerging science to identify and address the deepest pathologies that drive repetitive injury, chronic pain, aging & disease. Neurovascular Assimilation Therapy is a first of its' kind, a safe, soothing, non-invasive breakthrough to safely and quickly regenerate injured and diseased tissues by restoring the body's natural stem cell healing functions.  

With our findings in neurovascular research we discovered how motion as exercise is significantly more science than art. Injured, damaged, or diseased tissues often react adversely to exercise and physical therapy. When neurovascular trauma is removed, muscles can now engage faster and targeted exercises become a therapeutic aid for greater healing outcomes.

Disease means "loss of ease". Disease and pain are often partners and both thrive when the body's chemistries are over stressed by toxins from lifestyle weaknesses. To optimize healing we use science based lab tests to target nutrition therapies with dietary applications in order to restore internal chemistries for optimum health and tissue healing.

Self Care Rx

Our healing model is built around restoring the foundations of health, self-healing and aging. Each step builds on the other and you can't go to the next step without addressing the prior foundation. This makes self care a true process for sustainable lifestyle applications. It is the real means to optimum performance and pain free living at any age!

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