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In the United States,
DISEASE combined!
No matter how old one is, the most
 important years are always the ones yet lived. The older one is, the more significant each year will be."
Vic Rakhshani

Why Ri Was Created

The hard data of post athletic careers mirror the data of chronic pain sufferers.

1 in 5 people throughout the world suffer from CHRONIC PAIN.

More than 1 Million joints are replaced per year and growing. 

Pain medication abuse and oppeiod addiction are at all time highs.

Sports injury and unwarranted surgery are an epic problem for athletes of all ages.

Failed surgery syndromes are a growing concern.

Aging syndromes impact 7 of 10 adults and almost 10 of 10 career athletes.

The real needs of chronic pain sufferers are too complex for our current models.

Research History

Recognizing the current medical and rehabilitation models were incomplete, Ri research began in 1983. Since that time thousands of elite athletes and chronic pain sufferers have traveled the world to be a part of this unprecedented project.

A Goal Achieved

Through this project a new research theory was validated around the complex work and functions of 4 major body systems that govern the self-healing mechanisms. In the last 5years, new emerging science in neurovascular assimilation not only redefined the real drivers of pain but how to rapidly eliminate pain and safely regenerate damaged and diseased tissues through safe, hands-on therapy and functional re-education of 4major body systems.

Scientific Validation

Ri is currently engaged with numerous medical and healthcare leaders as well as major insurance companies to validate the hard science behind their effective healing model as well as its' full socioeconomic impact in healthcare and all related fields.   

Future of Healthcare

Ri is looking for qualified healthcare professionals to educate, equip and play major ground-floor roles in establishing the first non-surgical insurance model to validate large scale outcomes and data fulfillment for a new, scalable healthcare model that is poised to end the problem of chronic pain.. 


How Vic Rakhshani's System Works:

Knee Injury_original.jpg


Our starting point to reverse pain syndromes goes beyond all current models. We address pain at the deepest levels where  neurovascular functions and delicate chemical responses between cells and tissues have become compromised in major body systems that regulate powerful immune, inflammatory and healing responses.  No other system duplicates this work or our results.

Skating Lessons


Overload induced injuries create a perfect storm of problems for athletes. We created revolutionary science and new tools to identify and reverse complex weaknesses that have confused athletes and medicine for decades. Now, the athlete can be healthier and conditioned for greater performance power and resiliency than ever before. 

Golf with Grandpa


Science has well proven the most common diseases are preventable. As such, we bring new cutting edge research in aging to identify, prevent and reverse functional weaknesses and biological deficits that drive aging and disease conditions. This process quickly restores lost function within internal health systems to keep us young and vibrant.  

Spine Degen Original Blue_edited.jpg

Disease & Non-Surgical

The hard facts prove that surgery is the default when rehabilitation fails to properly address the real problems driving pain. We created an advanced model of diagnostics and rehabilitative protocols to pinpoint the real drivers of pain and disease built around a revolutionary system that quickly and safely heals seriously damaged and diseased tissues.

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