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In my quest for pain relief, I soon realized that our best rehab systems were incomplete. A missing link existed and I had a hunch it had more to do with self-healing malfunction but that was a big issue to unpack. Thirty six years later I could finally answer all the hard science questions and even better, I could back it up with astounding outcomes.

I finally had a complete model that was safe, predictable and non-invasive. The real, hidden drivers behind injury, pain, inflammation, disease, failed surgery as well as stem cell failures all prove that tissue regeneration, at its' highest level, has to do with whether or not the body systems that govern self-healing are doing what they should be doing!

VIc Rakhshani, Ri Founder | CEO
Vic Rakhshani Ri Founder | CEO
"The Story Behind The Science"
Science | Innovation | Healing








Core Philosophy

The human body is an intelligent, spontaneous, self-healing mechanism. In light of this, reversing the most complex injury, pain and disease conditions is possible when the real drivers of break-down are properly rehabilitated.





Self-healing is a constant process. We fall, sprain an ankle. Body systems kick into gear. Pain, swelling, bleeding, tissues heal. We cut ourselves. Pain, bleeding, scabbing, tissues heal. Sickness strikes. Fever, detox, cell death, cell renewal. We heal.  When self healing stops there is a reason.  Correct the "real" reason and powerful healing processes resume.




Current Models

The current models of medicine and rehabilitation treat limited aspects of pain and disease leaving the deeper causes of pain and faulty conditions unresolved. 





Step 1: Cellular Regeneration Therapy:

Ri Founder, Vic Rakhshani pioneered new emerging science in neurovascular research.  From his findings, he created new, algorithmic and function-based diagnostics to identify what he calls "neurovascular deficits" that create aging syndromes and compensating weaknesses within major organs and body systems. Based on his revolutionary findings, he created a new model of condition-specific therapies to correct the real drivers of break-down to enhance and restore tissue health and healing through the normal biological processes that govern self-healing.


CRT's Healing Distinctions:

-Offers fast, predictable healing outcomes over current models that manage injury, pain & disease

-Identifies & corrects hidden causes/conditions that breaks down cellular & tissue functions

-Reverses immune breeches that block normal self-healing processes including stem cell functions

-Offers new functional checks and balances to determine if and when surgery is a proper next step

-Offers new paradigm to improve stem cell treatment applications as well as post surgical recovery

-Provides data and detailed process to prevent and reverse stem cell treatment failures

-Removes hidden and unexpected costs typically required for full recovery

-Provides predictable time-lines with the most cost effective process towards full sustainable healing




CRT & Stem Cell Therapy

Rakhshani's Healing Model is a first of it's kind that treats beyond isolated injury and pain symptoms to restore deeper body systems that govern key mechanisms that regulate self-healing. This means the body's natural stem cell functions AND other biological processes are restored allowing powerful self-healing mechanisms to regenerate damaged and diseased tissues with ease, predictability and affordability.


Understanding Stem Cells & Why They Fail

Stem cells are master healing cells that differentiate into other cell types and create more of their own kind. They are key players in ALL self-healing processes UNTIL specific types of injury and/or stress related syndromes STOP their normal self-repair processes. This gives the most valid explanation for isolated stem cell therapy failures.  More, it validates why Rakhshani's model has such high success healing rates (without stem cell injections) and how we reverse stem cell failures as well as determining if isolated stem cell therapy treatments are warranted or not.




Step 2: Exercise (Heal vs Injure)

Not all exercises are equal or usable. A wrong exercise or right exercise, performed wrong, can cause or lead to injury. Even the right exercise performed properly but with the wrong "load" or "frequency", will cause or lead to injury. This explains why more people and athletes get injured in the weight room than ever before.  It also explains why pro athletes and pain sufferers constantly battle injury syndromes due to deeper mechanism issues that are overlooked.


At RI we prescribe a series of specialized, non-loaded exercises as a continuum of our healing model. The integration of Step 1 & 2 offers a powerful process to address the deeper mechanism challenges driving pain and degeneration.




Step 3: Biochemical Healing

At Ri, we effectively utilize science based lab testing to analyze biochemistry, toxicity, and other aging markers in order to create a specific plan to meet the true needs of the individual.  


Most diseases and many chronic pain conditions result from lifestyle mistakes where toxic overload can impede delicate body chemistries and lead to self-healing challenges. Through advanced lab testing we create a path towards improved immunity, pain reduction, weight correction and optimal healing.





Step 4: Self Care Healing

We built a holistic model that becomes the framework for optimal health and self care. This means, if you can't duplicate it at home, how useful or functional is it?  Self care is "self care". We either do it well or not. When you have a true foundation of what it takes to perform, heal, and age properly, you now have a sustainable model that you can actually live out and enjoy the real benefits of aging well.  







The Rakhshani Method

The Rakhshani Method (TRM) is a term to describe Ri's regenerative system. TRM, was dubbed 20 years ago by a group of clients who worked with Vic Rakhshani, in his early research years. Since then, TRM has evolved into Cellular Regenerative Therapy, a complete model for reversing degenerative pain conditions.  This process has helped more than 10,000 athletes and pain sufferers from all over the world find sustainable health with optimum performance.


  • Core Philosophy

  • Self-Healing

  • Current Models

  • Ri Healing Model

  • Stem Cells

  • Exercise Factors

  • Biochemical Factors

  • The Rakhshani Method

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