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High Performance Healing Science
"If chronic pain costs the US more than $600 Billion a year and it is now believed that 9 of 10 surgeries are unwarranted, could healthcare be missing something?
Tissue regeneration is not a new concept. At its' simplest level, tissue regeneration has to do with whether or not key body systems, that govern one's self-healing mechanism, are actually doing what they should be doing.  Regenerating tissue is the only real solution for this healthcare problem.  Finally, you don't have to live with pain, treat symptoms endlessly or, continue to have surgery after surgery.. There is a better way!"
Vic Rakhshani


Outdoor Aerobics

Anti-Aging Blueprint:

Vic Rakhshani spent 30+ years analyzing the hidden drivers of pain. What he learned wasn't just how misunderstood pain is, but how simple breeches within the bodies' deepest and largest mechanisms fuel pain and faulty aging syndromes. Now, the most complex pain syndromes supported by the most advanced anti-aging system can rapidly empower vibrancy, pain free health and longevity! 

Advanced Pain Relief and Tissue Healing Rx:

The process of unleashing the body's healing powers has never been easier or safer! Built on a proven track record of reversing thousands of the most complex pain conditions, Vic Rakhshani proves that the body is capable of regenerating damaged and diseased tissue like never before. 

Left Hemisphere Ischemic stroke_original

Complex Neurological, Stroke & Concussions Rx:

Vic Rakhshani brings cutting-edge tools to treat the most complex neurological conditions, stroke, cluster migraines and concussions that break all the old ideas about these complex conditions. All programs are safe and fast working as they engage the real power of the body's healing capacities within the deepest body systems that govern health.   

common conditions treated

Bone on Bone &
Replacement Failure
Neck/Head Pain &
Cervicle Disease
Back Pain &
Spine Disease
Sport Injuries &
Repetitive Injury Syndromes
Fibromyalgia &
All Pain Syndromes
Neuropathy &
Nerve Related Syndromes
Failed Surgery
Stroke & Neurological Conditions


Carpel Tunnel

Cartilage Tear

Chronic/Acute Pain

Compression Fracture

Disc Disease



Labrum Tears

Ligament Tears

Meniscus Tears

We Treat





Patellar Tendonitis

Planter Fasciitis

Post Concussive

Pudental Neuralgia

Stress Fractures


Tennis Elbow

Thoracic Outlet

Torn Achilles

Torn Cartilage

Scar Tissue



Sports Hernia



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