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High Performance Science for the Elite Athlete
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The Athlete ID Management  System gives the single most important tool that revolutionizes performance while erasing the athlete's problems with injury and rapid recovery!
Vic Rakhshani


Athlete ID Advantage:

From weight room to practice field, athletes train insistently to be their best. Ever wonder why OVERLOAD is the #1 cause of sport injuries? The hard facts show that "overload" leads to the greatest problems athletes face-- injury syndromes, rehab failures, tissue collapse and ultimately surgery. This phenomena repeats itself over and over again till the athlete says "Enough!" Not any more! Vic Rakhshani's Athlete ID Management System eliminates overload issues and puts unlimited power back in the hands of the athlete! 

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How YOU Train Matters:

Since 1983, Vic Rakhshani has made thousands of elite athletes smarter, stronger, faster, more explosive, healthier, and injury resilient. Being a Level 10 athlete is serious work.  Learn from a former elite athlete and master trainer that knows what it takes to become your best and sustain it without ever breaking down!

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Advanced Surgical Check & Balance System:

Every athlete faces the reality of surgery. Be informed-- most surgeries are forced because of rehab failure!  Now, there's a true check & balance system to give the athlete critical information. Vic Rakhshani's Surgical Check & Balance System gives tangible injury data to validate whether surgery is warranted or not.  Get the real facts before you say "Yes" to surgery.  No other system has helped more athletes avoid major surgery and quickly/safely return the athlete back to action, than Vic Rakhshani's!  

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Traumatic Injury & Anti-Surgery System:

Vic Rakhshani created the science to change how we treat the most complex sport injuries and avoid major surgery. Imagine returning safely back to full performance after a major joint or muscle injury in days verses months! No other model offers faster, healing outcomes for athletes while forever changing how we look at injury, rehabilitation, surgery and career longevity!

Elite Coaches SPEAK UP:

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"Vic Rakhshani's approach to the developing the athlete is one of the best I've ever seen."  
Scott Brooks, Head Coach, Washington Wizards
2010 NBA Coach of the Year
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"Vic Rakhshani's model of addressing athletic injury is second to none. I've never seen athletes rebound from serious injury so quickly"

Sue Enquist, Retired, Hall of Fame Coach

UCLA Softball, 11x National Champion

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