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Vic Rakhshani

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Sport History:

  • Vic Rakhshani is a former elite athlete who ended a professional football career in 1983, following a severe neck and spinal injury.  Prior to that, Rakhshani was a 4 year college football starter, All American (San Jose St '76), 2x Rose Bowl Champion ('78, '79), and National Champion (USC '78).

Regenerative Therapeutics Research History:

  • 34+ years of pioneering research science in high-performance wellness, anti-aging and regenerative medicine that was passionately inspired by a career ending professional football injury (head and neck) that came with a double concussion on the same play.

  • 45,000+ hours of R&D in soft tissue regeneration w/complex sport and impact injuries, aging syndromes, chronic pain, neuropathy, bone on bone, failed surgery syndrome, post concussive syndromes, stroke, neurological conditions and many somatic diseases.

Research & Development Pioneer:

  • Created the first, non-invasive, neurovascular based rehab system that safely and predictably impacts the natural healing of damaged and diseased tissues by restoring the body's production and distribution of stem cells and other biological worker cells that facilitate all tissue repair and regeneration.

  • One of the early developers of "core-training", "functional, high-performance movement" and "foundation training" to optimize performance and minimize the risks of athletic injury, accelerate rehabilitative recovery and pain correction.

  • Worked with thousands of chronic pain sufferers and elite athletes in every major professional sport and major universities throughout the US and worldwide.

Sports Trivia:

  • Rakhshani is known for being the first person in sports to ever have a position named after himself. The “Vic-Back” (aka: V-Back) was created in 1978 when USC Trojan head coach, John Robinson built a new offense around Rakhshani's athleticism as a big, physical  receiver and blocker. Shortly after Vic’s injury, NFL teams started building there offenses to duplicate the “V-Back Offense”. The NFL changed the name of the position to the H-Back and today, the most dominant offenses in football are built around this system.


  • Founder | CEO Rakhshani Institute and also works as a consultant with medical doctors to prevent and reverse stem cell failures and make stem cell therapies a more predictable and affordable process.  

  • Vic and his wife, Lynda, are Huntington Beach natives and have 9 children together who are all active in the arts, education, surfing, and numerous faith based ministries that serve their local communities. Their oldest son serves as a combat camera man and photo journalist for the US Marines.


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