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Ri Athlete Lab Model


Athlete ID:

We differ from all other sport performance models with our Athlete ID (AID) System. Our AID system is how we analyze, monitor and develop the athlete's internal health and performance "systems". We invested more than 3 decades of research science to accomplish one goal-- create a new, science based model to completely reverse tissue OVERLOAD. Tissue overload is the real driver behind all injuries and poor tissue recovery (healing)!  We knew if we could solve this problem we could now produce a superior athlete where trajectory of all skills and power converge without the normal tissue breakdown. Ri's AID system revolutionizes athletic power and career longevity because all the limiting growth and performance factors have been removed. NO other model offers performance and healing technology that gives athletes all the tools to be their best.



The Ri Athlete Lab model tests sport performance skills, mental adaptability skills and functional health skills. This system is designed to holistically address and document the primary competencies of an athlete. We test Speed, Strength, Power, Mobility and Efficiency. We take the testing data and apply it to the athlete's age, gender, sport and position, and goals to build and serve the athlete's individualized traning program.  Based on the goals and programming of each athlete Ri will re-test the athlete to measure performance gains as well as see how they match up against the best athletes in their age group throughout the country.  


Integrated Training:

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